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When Working From Home Leads To Injury

Workers’ compensation covers accidents or injuries in the workplace. But what happens when your workplace is your home?

The Law Office of Leslie S. Shaw, A.P.C., in San Diego will advocate for you if you have developed chronic pain or physical impairments as a result of working from home. Our experienced workers’ comp attorney forces employers to honor their obligations to provide their people with safe equipment and working conditions.

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Is Your Work-From-Home Setup Hurting You?

Back view of a overworked man who sits at home office and working remotely

Employers are responsible for providing a workstation and other equipment you need to do your job. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation relief if your home office setup has led to a debilitating health condition such as:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome or trigger finger:  Many work-from-home employees develop repetitive stress injuries in their fingers, wrists or forearms from typing or repeatedly clicking a mouse if their workstation is not ergonomically correct.
  • Back or neck problems: Other people working at home develop back strains, neck strains, herniated discs, sciatic pain or other neck and back ailments caused by working all day with a chair, monitor and/or keyboard at the wrong height.

These painful ailments can get progressively worse without intervention. Your employer is obligated to supply you with a safe workstation, including an ergonomic assessment and professional help to set it up. If your request for ergonomic equipment or assistance is refused or you are denied medical treatment, our legal team can step in to fight for you.

What About Other Work-From-Home Injuries?

With millions of people now working from home, more and more employees are getting injured in their own houses or apartments. California workers’ compensation law still applies while you are on duty at home. However, the injury must be clearly connected to the performance of your work duties. Employers and insurers are more likely to second-guess or reject these claims as not work-related. You may need our attorney’s skilled help to obtain benefits or appeal a denial of benefits.

Find Out How Our Experience Can Help

Work-from-home injury claims can be tricky. The law is still evolving, and the employee has a high burden of proof. Attorney Leslie S. Shaw brings years of experience in work injury law and a tenacious approach to your case. She has a strong track record of holding employers and insurance companies accountable under the laws of California.

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