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What Happens When an Insurance Company Objects to Your Medical Treatment

Disputes With Insurance Companies

Prior to January 1, 2005, a California worker injured while performing his or her job could go to any doctor for medical treatment. The law changed, and now, the employee must be treated through the employer’s medical provider network (MPN).

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You Have a Right to See a Doctor of Your Own Choosing

If you are an injured worker and you do not agree with your treatment or your MPN doctor’s diagnosis, you have the right to go to another doctor — provided that doctor is in your employer’s MPN. If your employer does not have an MPN, you can select your own doctor. Regardless of whether a medical provider network is or is not in place, the employer/insurance company has medical control for the first 30 days after reporting your injury.

It is hard to know what your rights are in regard to obtaining medical care, especially because the insurance company is not on your side and workers’ compensation laws are complicated and confusing when it comes to temporary and permanent disability benefits.

A Knowledgeable Work Comp Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer who is experienced in handling workers’ compensation matters and dealing with insurance companies can mean the difference between a successful treatment of your injury and losing out on benefits you deserve.

Trusted, Timely Counsel for You

Lawyer Leslie S. Shaw can help you locate the medical professional most appropriate for your needs. She can stand up to an employer’s insurance company that does not agree with your treatment plan, and she can make sure that you meet all deadlines and seek to pursue your case in a swift, timely and diligent manner.

Advocate for You in Disputes

There are often disputes between the company’s doctor and your own doctor over the appropriate way to treat an injury and a condition. It is precisely for this reason that you need an advocate to stand up for your rights.

Attorney Leslie S. Shaw has been a practicing lawyer for more than 17 years. She knows that there are some very good doctors within the medical provider network who have treated their patients with respect and with attention to their medical condition.

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