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Workers’ Compensation For A Back Injury

You never realize how fragile the human body is until you suffer an injury to your neck or back. When you have been injured at work, even if the injury occurred over time, you may be able to obtain compensation under California law in the form of medical care and a percentage of your weekly wages for a certain period of time.

Obtaining medical care and your benefit wages should be simple, but in California it is incredibly complex. The state is involved. Your employer is involved. Your employer’s insurance company is involved. Their doctor is involved. Your family doctor may be involved. It is important that you have someone on your side who is knowledgeable about back and neck injuries. You deserve an advocate who also knows how to advocate for you from the start of a claims’ case all the way through to an appeal level, seeking justice and putting your needs first.

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Neck and Back Injuries at Work

Neck and back injuries are often extremely painful and can lead to temporary or permanent disabilities. There can be disagreements and disputes between an insurance company doctor and your own family doctor about how to treat a condition. It is helpful to have a lawyer who understands the nature of these injuries standing up for your rights.

Examples of some of the kinds of situations in which we have been effective:

  • An employee working on a computer with a monitor that is not at eye level can end up having disc problems in the neck or back.
  • A nurse suffering back injuries due to repetitively opening heavy hospital doors.
  • Warehouse and factory workers loading and unloading heavy objects as part of their job duties can sustain lasting neck and back trauma.

More Than 30 Years of Experience

With more than 30 years’ experience in workers’ compensation law, attorney Leslie S. Shaw understands the law and how to help you with your neck or back injury. We are committed to treating every client with the respect, dignity and reliability that they deserve.

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