Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Attorney

At the Law Office of Leslie S. Shaw, A.P.C., we pride ourselves on aggressively moving medical and legal processes forward to ensure you get the medical attention and monetary compensation you deserve after you have been injured on the job. We have been defending injured workers rights in San Diego for over 30 years.

Our firm examines the benefits provided by your employer’s insurance company to find an appropriate doctor in your medical provider network for your injuries. We encourage you to report all of your injuries and pain to your doctors. We can help you document your job site accident so that the facts are clear.

Once a claim is filed, we then monitor your medical treatment to help ensure you get the best care possible, whether for a repetitive injury that requires rest, for a bulging disc injury that requires surgery, for pain or surgical complications associated with your injury, or even for emotional issues that require psychiatric treatment.

We are also capable of representing you at any point during the process of your workers’ compensation case — whether you have not yet filed a claim or you have been denied and are seeking a hearing or an appeal.

Working With the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are never obligated to settle a case and the insurer can object to certain types of treatment. If they do, you will want at your side a workers’ compensation lawyer experienced in fighting for employee rights, for medical care and for monetary compensation. Our goal is to assist you in receiving the maximum lawful compensation.

Injured Workers Entitled to Receive Disability Benefits

Injured workers can receive temporary disability benefits or permanent disability benefits, and each carries with it certain specifications. If you are resolving your case, it is helpful to have an attorney who can negotiate or fight on your behalf. If a family member has died in a construction accident, warehouse accident or other work-related accident, we can help you examine the workers’ compensation policy and identify what death benefits are owed to your family.

Focused on Protecting Employee Rights Since 1997

Leslie S. Shaw is focused on protecting employee rights in the California workers’ compensation system. She began practicing law in 1992, focusing on employee rights since 1997, and opening her own firm in 2002.

We will help you understand the amounts of care and money that are rightfully yours after a work-related injury. We will handle negotiations with employers and insurance companies and we will take your case through appeals to get justice for you. Additionally, if you are confronted with problems when you return to work, we can advocate for your rights and hold your employer accountable for any retaliation.

San Diego Attorney Helping You Maximize Your Work Benefits

To learn more about how we can help you, please call the Law Office of Leslie S. Shaw, A.P.C. to arrange for a free initial consultation: 619-894-8543.