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Workers’ Compensation Claims Involving Job-Site Accidents

Accidents on the job happen all the time. They can happen at any workplace — schools, hospitals, warehouses, libraries, nursing homes, law firms, daycare centers and more.

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If you have suffered an injury in a job site accident and are uncertain of your rights, seek out knowledgeable legal counsel. If you need to file a workers’ compensation claim and need someone you can trust to guide you through this process, the Law Office of Leslie S. Shaw, A.P.C., is prepared to aggressively, diligently and swiftly work on your behalf.

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Accidents and Work Sites — Have You Been Injured on the Job?

There are the obvious on-the-job accidents such as a delivery van crash, or a slip-and-fall down warehouse stairs or an injury at a construction site. But while these kinds of accidents occur frequently in the workplace, there are many other kinds of work injuries that are common to the work environment.

Repetitive Stress Injuries in Offices, Factories, Warehouses and Elsewhere

Repetitive stress injuries are often ignored by workers until the pain is debilitating. Examples of these include injuries caused by frequent typing on a keyboard or moving a mouse all day long. Moving and lifting patients in a nursing home can also cause harm to one’s body over time, resulting in a debilitating back or neck injury.

Some of our clients have only done one type of work their whole lives. It is extremely stressful to have their one way of making a living taken away from them. There is hope. We want to help. Contact us. See how an attorney can help and what your rights are.

Job-site injures can occur at any workplace:

  • A chair rolls out from under you just as you are sitting down, injuring your spine
  • You strain yourself while reaching for something at work
  • As a hospital nurse, you suffer a shoulder injury from having to constantly push open heavy doors
  • Your computer monitor is improperly aligned and eventually causes troubling back pain
  • Your foot is crushed in a warehouse accident, causing you to suffer from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

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