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Why Do I Need a Lawyer For a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

It is easy to get into unwanted and undeserved trouble as an injured worker. The workers’ compensation system is complicated. Your employer is required to follow the insurance company’s policies. The insurance company is represented by a team of attorneys. You should never have to face this process without your own legal representation.

Administrative Hearings are Trials

When you walk into an administrative hearing regarding your workers’ compensation claim, you are essentially walking into a courtroom. There is a judge presiding over the proceeding and there is a defense team representing the employer. You must present evidence and provide testimony at this hearing.

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Workers’ Compensation Law is a Language In and Of Itself

When you walk into a workers’ comp hearing or sift through workman’s comp paperwork, the workers’ compensation terminology can be baffling to the layperson. The same is true when a layperson (non-lawyer) reads medical reports – too often riddled with errors – making their way through the workers’ compensation system.

It takes years of training and experience to understand the medical reports crucial to final determinations of workers’ compensation benefits. Leslie S. Shaw began practicing law in 1992 and has been focusing on protecting the rights of injured workers since 1997.

We will guide you through depositions in your workers’ compensation case so that you can avoid making any detrimental errors.

When you leave our office, we want you have to the answers to your questions and we want you to have confidence in our ability to get the compensation you need and deserve.

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