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San Diego Repetitive Stress Injury Lawyer

Aggressively Protecting San Diego’s Injured Workers

Repetitive stress injury can start out as a little nagging pain that comes on occasion as you work. If you do not take care of it, it can result in a career-ending, life-changing permanent disability.

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Serious Repetitive Work-Related Injury

Entering data on the keyboard. Loading and unloading trucks. Pushing, turning or pulling objects. The human body was not intended to perform repetitive tasks hour after hour, day after day, while in essentially the same position. Serious injury, including repetitive stress injury, can result from working under these conditions. The entire field of workers’ compensation law arose out of the need to protect workers injured on the job.

An Advocate on Your Side

At the Law Office of Leslie S. Shaw, we have seen workers who have suffered a repetitive stress injury or other injury, having to fight for their rights to receive workers’ compensation. The trouble is many of them do not even know what they are entitled to and that the insurance adjuster is not on their side. They do not understand the medical terminology, or they walk into hearings unprepared and they miss deadlines that can result in a final closing of their claim.

You need an advocate on your side, who will help you understand your rights and fight on your behalf.

Issues that we have seen in our office include:

  • Trigger finger injuries related to constant movement of a computer mouse by a data entry worker or other office worker
  • Repetitive lifting injuries in the rotator cuff, elbow, back, neck or shoulder area by a water delivery worker, warehouse worker, nursing home assistant
  • Knee injury or a meniscus tear due to prolonged squatting
  • Other injury, including back and neck injury, due to lifting, pushing, turning or pulling repeatedly
  • Catastrophic, permanent disabling injury from a chemical plant accident, construction accident or other serious accident

Did You Suffer a Repetitive Stress Injury Related to Your Work?

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