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Receive a Workers’ Comp Notice? We are Prepared to Help

Notices concerning workers’ compensation are confusing. And no wonder: they are written in bureaucratic, legal mumbo-jumbo. They are not meant for regular people to understand. The trouble is that your rights to medical benefits, your job and your lost wages may be riding on your understanding and acting in a timely manner on the notices that you receive.

Understanding Your Notice and Taking Action on Your Behalf

At the San Diego Law Office of Leslie S. Shaw, we can help you understand these notices, inform you of what you need to do as a result of these notices and take action to protect your rights as necessary — from the start to the finish of your workers’ compensation case.

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Swift, Timely and Focused Workers’ Compensation Representation

Since 1992, our lawyer, Leslie S. Shaw, has been focused on protecting the rights of workers injured on the job. She returns all communications promptly and can help you deal with a broad spectrum of workers’ compensation legal matters.

We have helped clients who have received notices — often suddenly and with no advance warning — that include:

You have a right to compensation related to having to take a medication that is giving you side effects. Learn your rights by seeking a free initial consultation with our firm.

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