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Man suffering from job-related mesothelioma may seek damages

For decades, a California auto mechanic worked on vehicles using asbestos-laden parts. Eventually, he developed mesothelioma from contact with the cancer-causing fibers. But when he sought compensation, he was consistently turned down. Suffering from cancer, he recently relied on a California appeals court to finally give him justice.

California job site accidents: Lineman killed in explosion

Four Southern California Edison workers were injured while working on an underground utility vault in Menifee. As in other job site accidents, the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) is conducting an investigation into the incident. That portion of the street under which the utility vault is positioned was blocked off during the onsite investigation.

California woman killed by lion; Workers' compensation case?

Fatal accidents suffered while working can leave surviving family members reeling from an unexpected loss. Even when a job has obvious danger associated with it, few expect that someone who leaves for work that morning may not be returning home safely that evening. In certain cases, surviving relatives may be able to file for workers' compensation survivor benefits to help cover some of the final costs associated with a loved one's death. One California worker recently suffered fatal injuries when a lion at the exotic animal park where she worked mauled her.

California film workers exposed to injury on the job hazards

California's adult film industry has been under fire for the last few months, but it is again making headlines after accusations were leveled against one film company for allegedly violating safety protocol within the workplace. Any time a worker sustains an injury on the job, it could result in a workers' compensation claim. While the adult film industry is vastly different from other workplaces, it is still under the watchful eye of OSHA.

Man loses life in industrial accident at chicken plant

An industrial accident in California or elsewhere can result in serious injuries or even death to employees. Sometimes, accidents can occur suddenly and disastrously, with no prior warning. Such was the case in a recent industrial accident in another state.

California workplace injuries under review for heat-related deaths

California may be home to some of the best beaches, but with that also comes extreme summer heat. That heat creates a new set of concerns for heat-related health issues. For those who work outside, exhausting work conditions may lead to workplace injuries.

Complaint filed alleges potential California workplace injuries

A complaint has been filed against Walmart with the California Department of Occupational Safety and Health. It alleges that conditions in an Eastvale warehouse and distribution center are dangerous and could lead to workplace injuries. The workers are represented by Warehouse Workers United, or WWU, which filed the complaint.

Low-income workers in California could get better coverage

In California, some low-income workers do not have access to workers' compensation. As such, a new effort is being made to encourage community health centers to institute programs that could allow low-wage workers with no insurance access to medical treatment with workers' compensation. The California Department of Industrial Relations (IDR) along with the Division of Workers' Compensation have partnered UC Berkeley's Labor Occupational Health Program and Watson Law Center to provide a new publication to inform companies of the services available to low-income workers that have on the job injuries.

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