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What to do if your work injury develops slowly over time

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Work Injuries

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Slow-developing workplace injuries can result from prolonged exposure to repetitive tasks, awkward postures or other occupational hazards. Examples include carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, neck strain, herniated discs, hearing loss and occupational asthma.

If you are facing a work-related injury that slowly progressed, workers’ compensation may become even trickier.

1. Focus on the signs

The first step in addressing a slowly developing work-related injury is recognizing the signs and symptoms. Whether the nature of the ailment involves repetitive strain injuries, musculoskeletal disorders or cumulative trauma, pay attention to any discomfort, pain or limitation of movement that may come from job tasks.

2. Report the injury

California law requires workers to report injuries within 30 days of their occurrence or the date they first knew of the injury. Failure to report promptly might result in delays or complications when seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

3. Seek medical attention

Once you report the injury, seeking immediate medical attention is important. Consulting with a medical professional will not only address the health concern but also create a documented record of the injury, aiding in the workers’ compensation process.

4. Document the work-relatedness

Workers should maintain thorough documentation regarding the work-related nature of the injury. Collecting evidence such as medical records, witness statements and any other relevant documentation can strengthen the case when pursuing workers’ compensation benefits. This documentation should clearly establish the connection between the work tasks and the development of the injury.

5. Communicate with the employer

Sharing information about the diagnosis, treatment plan and any work restrictions with the employer can facilitate a smoother transition back to work once the employee is ready.

By following certain procedures, employees can ensure a more streamlined and successful resolution to their workers’ compensation claims.