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Violence against health care workers on the rise

female nurse with face in her hands

Violence against health care workers is on the rise in the United States, posing a significant threat to those who devote their lives to saving and caring for others. This alarming trend is gaining attention and sparking concern among medical professionals, experts and the general public.

Understanding the reasons behind this surge in violence and its consequences is key to finding effective solutions and ensuring a safe and secure work environment.

Increasing stressors in health care settings

Overcrowded hospitals, long wait times and the pressure to provide the best care possible can lead to heightened frustration among patients and their families. These tensions can escalate into violent incidents, as some individuals react aggressively when others fail to meet their expectations.

Mental health issues and substance abuse

Mental health issues can also contribute to violence against health care workers. So, too, can substance abuse dependencies. Patients or visitors who are dealing with these issues may struggle to control their emotions and behavior. This, combined with the easy access to drugs and alcohol, creates a volatile mix that can result in confrontations and attacks on health care professionals.

Lack of adequate security measures

Inadequate security measures in health care facilities leave health care workers vulnerable to violence. Hospitals and clinics need to invest more in physical security to deter potential aggressors and protect their staff.

Per PBS, health care workers are five times as likely as workers in other industries to experience violence on the job. Addressing the factors that contribute to violence in health care creates a safer and environment for the people who keep the nation’s communities healthy.