Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Can an office slip-and-fall be grounds for a workers’ comp claim?

female office worker fell down stairs at work

Workplaces have many potential hazards, sometimes resulting in a catastrophic slip-and-fall. You might understandably wonder whether such an incident at the office could be grounds for a workers’ compensation claim.

Not all accidents are alike, though, so there are some key factors to examine. Understanding these will help you determine if your slip-and-fall qualifies for workers’ comp.

The nature of the accident matters

In order for an incident to be eligible for workers’ compensation, it must occur while the employee is performing work-related duties. If your slip-and-fall happens during a work task or on company premises, it is more likely to be eligible for a workers’ comp claim.

Connection to employment duties

A slip-and-fall can also qualify for workers’ compensation if there is a demonstrable connection to your employment duties. If you slip while delivering mail on behalf of your company, for example, that is likely to be work-related. However, if the accident occurs during a personal break or is unrelated to work duties, it might not be eligible for workers’ comp.

Employer responsibility for safety

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment. If a slip-and-fall is the result of unsafe conditions, such as wet floors without warning signs, the employer’s negligence could strengthen the case for a workers’ comp claim. Proving that the employer failed to maintain a safe workspace can make all the difference.

Medical documentation is key

Seeking medical attention promptly is not only important for health but also for a potential workers’ comp claim. Be sure to document all medical evaluations and treatments related to your accident. This documentation can serve as evidence in support of the claim.

Slips and falls account for over 1 million emergency room visits each year, illustrating just how disastrous these types of accidents can be. A slip-and-fall that occurs at your workplace is no less severe, so you deserve coverage for your damages under your workers’ compensation policy.