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Exposure to toxins in the workplace

workers in hazmat suits working with chemicals

Many employees might not notice potential dangers at work that could be harming their health. Many workplaces might unknowingly expose employees to harmful substances, leading to serious health problems.

According to a study by OSHA, around 5.2 million workers in the United States face potential exposure to harmful substances every year.

Identifying the threat

Workplace toxins can come in various forms, like harmful chemicals in cleaning products or manufacturing processes, as well as airborne pollutants. People in industries such as manufacturing, construction and healthcare are particularly at risk.

Exposure to these toxins can result in various health issues, ranging from respiratory problems to long-term chronic conditions.

Toxins and workers’ compensation claims

Exposure to toxins at work can impact an employee’s health. It can also lead to workers’ compensation claims. If an employee gets sick because of workplace toxins, they might be able to get compensation. This would help cover medical expenses and lost wages.

Employers’ role in identifying toxins

The statistics on workplace toxin exposure should lead employers to prioritize the health and safety of their workers. OSHA reports that workplace exposures to toxins cost billions annually in medical expenses and lost productivity. This figure urges employers to actively assess their environment and reduce potential risks.

To protect employees from the dangers of workplace toxins, employers need to take a proactive approach. By taking these actions, employers safeguard their workforce. Workers whose health suffers due to workplace toxins also have rights and may be able to file a workers’ comp claim.