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The challenge of getting approved for disability benefits

San Diego workers who suffer debilitating injuries or illnesses that prevent them from returning to work will likely need some financial assistance to support themselves. Those who are still younger than retirement age might be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits if their disabilities are expected to last longer than one year, or if their condition is terminal. However, it is a time-consuming process, and applying at the earliest opportunity is essential.

It is said that most initial applications are denied, and although that does not necessarily exclude a worker from receiving benefits, the process will be long and complicated. There are more than 225 severe conditions that qualify for fast-tracking under the compassionate allowances program of the government. However, others might have to apply for a hearing to review their cases for eligibility — a process that could take up to two years.

Those whose SSDI applications are successful will receive monthly checks. Additional benefits will include Medicare coverage, which becomes effective after two years of receiving disability benefits. There will also be annual adjustments to accommodate the cost of living fluctuations along with dependent benefits and Social Security retirement benefits protection. Workers whose health conditions improve enough to allow them to return to work will be entitled to free support to assist with the process.

Most workers are unprepared for circumstances that prevent them from returning to work. It is only natural to have many questions about their rights and the steps to take to apply for disability benefits. This is an extremely complicated process, and the chances of getting applications approved will be significantly increased with the help of an experienced San Diego attorney.