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Workplace injuries debated for California officer

A woman who has served for the state Highway Patrol left her position after a diagnosis of PTSD. After a few years, she wished to return to work and was cleared by California Public Employees Retirement system to go back to work. The CHP fought the decision and ultimately lost the case for blocking the woman due to work injuries. 

The woman has a long history of employment as a police officer. As she advanced in her career, she was appointed to a major accident team. She began to display symptoms of PTSD due to her role and was granted retirement. After some time off, she relocated and took a less-stressful job in background checks in another state. When she returned to California, she asked to be reinstated to the CHP.

The CHP tried to block her reinstatement, saying that the circumstances of the job had not changed and may trigger her illness. Physicians reviewed her case and said she was fit to go back to work, and was owed back pay. The CHP has not yet honored the order to pay the back pay. The woman was ordered fit for work by the court. 

The case demonstrates the difficulty in diagnosing behavioral disorders and their effect on the person’s ability to return to work. A person in California suffering similar workplace injuries may also have issues in retrieving back pay and other awards ordered by the court. Many individuals choose to hire an experienced attorney to help them with pursuing the case through the court system.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “CHP fought nine years to block an officer with PTSD from returning to work. It lost.“, Adam Ashton, Dec. 27, 2017