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When workplace injuries have fatal consequences

A California man was recently killed while on the job. He is not the first and, sadly, won’t be the last. When workplace injuries have fatal consequences, it can leave surviving family members emotionally and financially devastated. Thankfully, work comp death benefits may be able to help in the aftermath.

One of the most recently reported fatal workplace accidents occurred in Northern California. A construction worker was hit by a truck while working on a mudslide clean-up job on Highway 17. A dump truck working at the site is said to have backed over the victim. One other employee was injured in the incident. His current condition is unknown.

The deceased was 54 years old. He had worked for Graniterock Construction for 15 years. He is survived by his wife and two children. A support page has been set up to help his family during this time.

This was a tragic accident, one that will likely be investigated in order to see if safety violations contributed to the event. Regardless of the outcome of such an investigation, the victim’s loved ones may, according to the state of California, be able to access workers’ compensation death benefits to help cover their losses. An experienced attorney can assist them in fighting for full benefits. They may also be able to file third-party legal claims against the individual believed responsible for the victim’s workplace injuries and death. Legal counsel will be able to review the details of the case and file and litigate any applicable legal claims in civil court — if deemed appropriate.

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