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Corrections officer suffers injuries in explosion at jail

On the list of things we can’t control in life, Mother Nature is perhaps at the top of that list. In particularly devastating natural disasters, lives can be lost and injuries can be suffered. But sometimes, it’s the damage that Mother Nature causes to our infrastructures that can then lead to serious injury or death. And if this happens while a person is on the job, it’s possible that workers’ compensation benefits could soon follow.

We bring this up to our California readers because of the explosion that recently happened at a Florida jail. As some of our readers may know, the southern part of the United States has been hit hard by severe weather over the last few days, which investigators believe may have weakened the building’s structure, causing part of it to collapse. The accident injured 151 people, including a corrections officer. Two inmates were not so lucky and were reported to have died.

Although most people across the nation will focus on the large number of people that were injured in the blast, our concern lies with the injured corrections officer. Because even though they were injured in an accident in another state, it’s easily an accident we could have seen here in California as well. And because there was a work injury involved, we wonder if they, like our readers, might have difficulty receiving workers’ compensation.

As you probably already know, compensation can be incredibly beneficial for an injured worker because it can be used to help pay off medical bills or cover lost wages if extra time away from work is needed for recovery. Unfortunately, because of the recentness of the accident, we do not know what the circumstances are for this particular officer. But just like any case with workplace injury, we hope the corrections officer gets the compensation that he or she deserves.

Source: Reuters, “Two inmates dead in suspected gas explosion at Florida jail,” Eric M. Johnson, May 1, 2014