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Worker at nuclear plant dies from an injury on the job

After removing a guard rail that was impeding the progress of a crane, a worker at a nuclear plant stepped out of the way to let the crane operator and crew do their work. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and the man ended up dying as the result of an injury on the job. The crane collapsed and in the chaos, a part of the crane hit and caused fatal injuries to the worker.

As would also happen in a similar accident here in California, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating. By all calculations, the crane should have been able to support the load it had and should not have failed. The result of that investigation could affect not only the crane operating company, but also the nuclear plant.

The nuclear plant was anxious to get the time consuming and dangerous task of removing the Main Turbine Generator Stator within the deadline given to the plant by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. After contacting many companies that did not believe they could safely complete the task within the allotted time, the plant found a company willing to do the job. Unfortunately, it turns out that the other companies may have been correct.

The family of the victim will not only be able to collect benefits from the workers’ compensation system in that state, but has already filed a wrongful death claim against the nuclear plant, the contractor and others. Families here in California also have the same right to file a civil action in case of an injury on the job or even death. The workers’ compensation system can only be so generous and does not necessarily hold the company financially responsible outside of how much the company participates in the workers’ compensation system.

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