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July 2013 Archives

California janitor suffered fatal injury on the job

Many people wouldn't necessarily consider working at a grocery store to be particularly dangerous. However, every job has the potential for causing an injury on the job. A janitor in California was found dead recently at the Redwood City Grocery Outlet.

California farmworker dies from heat injury on the job

Etchegaray Farms LLC has been shut down by California workplace safety officials. The reason has to do with a farmworker who died from a heat injury on the job on July 5. According to reports, the temperature in McFarland where the farm is located reached a scorching 106 degrees that day.

Worker at nuclear plant dies from an injury on the job

After removing a guard rail that was impeding the progress of a crane, a worker at a nuclear plant stepped out of the way to let the crane operator and crew do their work. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and the man ended up dying as the result of an injury on the job. The crane collapsed and in the chaos, a part of the crane hit and caused fatal injuries to the worker.

Changes in the California workers' compensation laws

Back in September of last year, the governor of California signed legislation aimed at making changes to the workers' compensation laws. Major provisions of Senate Bill (S.B.) 863 went into effect on Jan. 1 of this year. Other changes to the workers' compensation system are taking place slowly through Jan. 1, 2014.

California man killed in construction site accident

NFL fans in California may already know that the football stadium that will be home to the 49ers is under construction. Unfortunately, a man was killed in a construction site accident recently while working on the stadium's construction. The man had been working on one of the elevators at the time of the accident.

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