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Man falls 40 feet to the ground in California workplace accident

Workplace accidents often occur with no prior warning and can sometimes result in serious injury or even death. A California man has been injured on the job in one of these workplace accidents. Fortunately, the man survived the accident but is in the hospital.

The man was working in an elevated basket at the time that the accident occurred. Reports claim that the truck which was lifting the basket into the air overturned. The injured worker was painting a building when the incident occurred.

When the truck overturned, it sent the man plunging 40 feet down. Fire crews were contacted and the man was taken to the hospital to receive treatment. The extent of his injuries has not yet been released, and his prognosis is currently unknown. No other workers were injured in the accident, but Cal/OSHA has stepped in to investigate the accident.

Many workplace accidents are preventable. However, sometimes accidents are completely unexpected and occur for reasons that cannot be explained. In any case, the man injured in this accident is likely qualified to receive workers’ compensation benefits to help while he is unable to work. With a 40-foot plunge to the ground, it is possible that he will be in the hospital recovering for quite some time. Workers’ compensation benefits can help him with the wages he will lose due to his hospitalization and with the medical bills he will likely incur as a result. California employees injured in workplace accidents may want to ensure that they are familiar with their rights as they pertain to the workers’ compensation program.

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