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California worker cleaning ride sustains injury on the job

A Disneyland worker suffered an injury on the job recently while trying to clean one of the rides at the park. Fortunately, it seems like he will be okay, but he did suffer several broken bones. The injury on the job was sustained after a 20 to 30 foot fall. He has been transported to a California hospital to receive medical care.

The worker was attempting to clean the roof of one of the Space Mountain ride chairs, when it came loose. The man fell several feet and eventually landed on a barrier on the roof. The barrier is the only thing that stopped him from falling all the way to the ground. Fire crews had to use a cherry picker to rescue the man.

He sustained several injuries including a broken leg, broken collarbone and several broken ribs. If he ends up staying in the hospital for more than 24 hours, OSHA will begin to investigate the work injury. The organization is already investigating a prior accident where a man sustained back, head and chest injuries after being hit by an indoor roller coaster car.

When a worker sustains an illness or injury on the job, it can result in hospitalization and even lost wages. In such a situation, workers’ compensation is a benefit to which they are likely entitled. Fortunately, it seems like the worker will make a full recovery, but there is a good likelihood he will remain out of work for a while. California workers facing similar situations would likely benefit by understanding their legal rights and seeking guidance to successfully pursue a claim to help them with medical expenses and other related costs while also providing with lost income as they focus on their recovery.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Worker Hurt After Falling From Roof Of Disneyland’s Space Mountain,” Nov. 21, 2012