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October 2019 Archives

Employee rights to be protected from Type 2 workplace violence

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says workers in various industries face work-related violence risks. Although employers in San Diego and elsewhere are responsible for protecting employee rights to safe work environments, a significant number of Type 2 violence incidents occur nationwide. Statistics show that 500 workers died from workplace violence in 2016, and 16,890 more suffered injuries in such events. Type 2 violence occurs when a customer or another individual turns violent against employees of a business with which the perpetrator has a legitimate relationship.

Social media can damage your workers' comp claim

Social media may be the primary way you keep in touch with family and friends, especially if you are not originally from California. Having a Facebook, Twitter or other platform to post pictures and update your status is a convenient way to keep your family connected. You may also enjoy seeing the same posts from your loved ones.

Workplace injuries claim life of construction worker

All construction sites pose safety hazards, regardless of how careful the project is planned. Some of the most frequently reported workplace injuries in this industry are fall-related. Slips or trips can cause falls from elevated construction areas, and in many cases, workers are struck by objects that cause them to fall. For that reason, employers must provide workers with fall arrest harnesses, which might prevent tragedies such as the recent one in San Diego.

Fatal workplace injuries kill juvenile worker

When it comes to child labor, the minimum age at which children may be employed under federal and California laws is set at 14 years. Employers in San Diego and other cities nationwide must ensure that work environments are free of known hazards, and they must provide adequate safety training to teach young workers how to mitigate risks that could cause workplace injuries. Such training must be provided in a language that the juvenile workers understand.

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