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Employee rights to be protected from Type 2 workplace violence

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says workers in various industries face work-related violence risks. Although employers in San Diego and elsewhere are responsible for protecting employee rights to safe work environments, a significant number of Type 2 violence incidents occur nationwide. Statistics show that 500 workers died from workplace violence in 2016, and 16,890 more suffered injuries in such events. Type 2 violence occurs when a customer or another individual turns violent against employees of a business with which the perpetrator has a legitimate relationship.

BLS classifies Type 2 violence into four categories, one of which is criminal intent. These are crimes, that include shoplifting, trespassing, robbery and terrorism by someone with no relationship with the business or its employees. The next type involves violent acts by clients or customers, and the third type is violence perpetrated by a former or current employee. In the last type, the perpetrator is someone with a personal relationship with an employee of the business.

Occupations that are deemed at a high risk of violence include emergency service workers, police officers, security guards and correctional officers. Also, workers in the health industry are at risk, such as orderlies, nurses and doctors. Dissatisfied and angry customers in the hospitality industry can turn violent for something as insignificant as slow service. Other at-risk employees include teachers, officers in law enforcement and flight attendants.

BLS reported that nonfatal violent incidents typically cause injured employees to miss workdays, leaving them with lost wages and mounting medical bills. Consulting with an attorney with experience in fighting for employee rights in San Diego makes good sense for Type 2 violence victims. These injuries are typically caused by a third parties, making it possible to pursue civil lawsuits along with workers’ compensation benefits claims.