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California automaker allegedly underreported workplace injuries

Groundbreaking automaker Tesla may soon be in hot water with government agencies for allegedly failing to report incidents where workers were injured. A new report alleged that several serious workplace injuries were not reported to the proper authorities. Tesla denies the claims and said in a press release that the report is an attempt to sabotage the California automaker. 

Tesla has had to postpone the launch of his latest car yet again. He said in an interview that the delay is because of excessive automation, and that the work performed by humans in underrated. Unfortunately, it has also been reported that the injuries suffered by employees of Tesla, such as slicings, crushings and burns were not reported to officials. 

State and federal laws require companies to keep logs of employee injuries. Sometimes, a company may miss the reports if it isn’t clear that the injury was caused completely by the work accident and not by a pre-existing condition. A company could be penalized and fined for failing to report the injury. Some experts have stated that these types of violations for nonreporting are common and could be financially motivated or simple mistakes. 

California state law and U.S. laws protect employees that suffer workplace injuries. In the event that a person suffers an injury on the job, workers’ compensation insurance will cover the some of costs and damages that arose from the injury. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to work with employers and insurance companies after an injury. Many will choose to work alongside an experienced attorney for more help with their claim for benefits. 

Source:, “Tesla May Have Broken The Law In Underreporting Worker Injuries“, Alexandra Ossola, April 17, 2018