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August 2017 Archives

Guide to temporary pregnancy disability benefits in California

New parents may be asking themselves, what are my options for time off with my baby? In California, guidelines are already in effect that offer some paid and unpaid leave for new mothers and fathers. These temporary disability benefits are offered to employees based on several factors. Individuals who meet criteria for parental leave are offered benefits, which may be expanded under a proposed new law. 

Did your job cause complex regional pain syndrome?

You may know that California workers who experience injuries in workplace accidents have the right to compensation through their employer's workers' compensation insurance. However, these benefits extend beyond just accident-related injuries, and may also be available for individuals who got sick or developed injuries as a result of their jobs.

Workplace injuries on the rise for older workers

The workforce is aging. Older workers are choosing to keep working past retirement age, often out of financial necessity. Unfortunately, statistics show that older workers also face higher numbers of workplace injuries and workplace fatalities. Workers in California may be interested to learn about some of the risks for older workers on the job.

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