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September 2016 Archives

California workplace injuries: 2 injured in power line explosion

Two people were recently injured while on the job due to a possible equipment malfunction that led to a power line explosion. The victims are said to be contract employees for Southern California Edison. The accident reportedly occurred in Hawthorne the morning of Sept. 17. Workplace injuries such as those likely suffered in this incident can take a heavy toll on the victims and his or her loved ones. As such, workers' compensation benefits may be used to help ease the burdens now placed on these individuals and their families.

California workplace illness: Exposure to toxic mold

Employees in California and elsewhere may be exposed to a number of toxic substances while on the job. Toxic mold, for example, can be found in buildings that are not properly maintained, or through coming in contact with it by those offering remediation services -- among other ways. The exposure to toxic mold can cause a number of adverse health problems. If that contact comes at one's place of employment or as a result of one's job duties, workers' compensation benefits may be utilized when seeking medical treatment for a workplace illness and to cover wages during care and recovery.

Getting back to work after suffering workplace injuries

According to a recent report, numerous individuals in California who have been injured while on-the-job are struggling to get approval to return to work. After workplace injuries occur, there are those who may qualify for disability; however, there are others who are able to sufficiently recover and resume the full functions of their jobs. Why are those who want to go back to work having such a hard time getting the help and approval they need in order to make this happen?

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