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California workplace illness: Exposure to toxic mold

Employees in California and elsewhere may be exposed to a number of toxic substances while on the job. Toxic mold, for example, can be found in buildings that are not properly maintained, or through coming in contact with it by those offering remediation services — among other ways. The exposure to toxic mold can cause a number of adverse health problems. If that contact comes at one’s place of employment or as a result of one’s job duties, workers’ compensation benefits may be utilized when seeking medical treatment for a workplace illness and to cover wages during care and recovery.

Unfortunately, toxic mold can grow for long periods of time without being detected, as it is usually not found until something else in a building needs to be fixed. This means that employees can be exposed to it for lengthy periods of time without being aware of the problem. For those offering remediation services, frequent exposure with inadequate safety gear can also have terrible consequences. Unexplained health issues may occur in either situation, and over time, those problems can become debilitating.

So, who is responsible if toxic mold exposure leads to a workplace illness? As previously stated, those who have suffered illnesses due to contact with toxic mold may be able to apply for workers’ compensation benefits if there is proof of mold exposure. Those injured may also be able to take legal actions against any third parties deemed responsible for the development of mold — such as building contractors and material/equipment suppliers.

Exposure to toxic mold and other such substances can have an extremely negative affect on one’s life. The health and financial tolls it can take can be devastating. If one can prove a workplace illness has been caused by such exposure, he or she may have any necessary treatments covered through workers’ compensation and receive financial relief for any lost wages due to needing to take time away from work. An experienced California workers’ compensation attorney can help one achieve fair and full compensation for his or her losses and seek further damages by filing claims against any third parties deemed responsible for the exposure to toxic materials.

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