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August 2014 Archives

Rehabilitation in workers' compensation means more than one thing

When most California workers think about what "rehabilitation" means in connection with workers' compensation, it is usually in conjunction with recovering from an on-the-job injury -- such as physical therapy. That is just one definition of rehabilitation when it comes to providing workers' compensation benefits to injured workers. The other definition -- which could be more important to some individuals -- relates to vocational rehabilitation.

Circumstances around fatal workplace accident under investigation

Mechanics here in California and elsewhere who work on large vehicles such as buses or tractor-trailers often find themselves risking injury to do so. Recently, a mechanic suffered fatal injuries to which he succumbed while on the job. The circumstances surrounding this workplace accident are under investigation.

Cal/OSHA cites California company for industrial accident

Industrial workers face a wide range of dangers while on the job. Most companies in California diligently work to protect their workers. Without the proper safety training and equipment, it is not unreasonable to say that they could be in danger of losing life or limb in an industrial accident.

Construction accident highlights electrocution dangers

To our north, in the city of Mission Viejo, a construction worker was killed and another was injured after they both touched some electrical wires last month while working at the Mission Viejo High School. But while the accident is a terrible tragedy that might have been avoided, it is also standing as an example of what can happen to a person if the proper safety precautions are not taken around electricity.

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