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Electrician killed in construction accident at California school

The California Department of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety and Health is investigating an incident that occurred at an elementary school here in the state. The agency will have six months to investigate the cause of the construction accident that killed an electrician. Hopefully, the investigation will give the family some much needed answers.

The electrician was employed by Celco Construction who had been subcontracted by Climatec Building Technologies Group to complete some work at the elementary school. On the day in question, the electrician was in one of the school’s classrooms replacing a “power pack” which lights the classroom. He was atop a fiberglass ladder that was eight feet high and was somehow electrocuted.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital where emergency medical personnel attempted to save his life, but it was unfortunately too late. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. Preliminary reports indicate that he came into contact with a live wire, and that is what caused him to be electrocuted. Cal/OSHA will make the final determination regarding what actually happened to the man.

As his family waits for answers, they have the unenviable task of burying their family member before his time. Since they have incurred expenses after the deadly construction accident and are now without his income, they may apply for survivor’s benefits from the California workers’ compensation insurance program. Depending on what is discovered during the investigation by Cal/OSHA, the family may also be able to file a civil action in connection with his death.

Source:, Cal/OSHA investigating Desert Hot Springs electrocution, Brett Kelman, Sept. 11, 2013