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Many California construction workers’ accidents come from falls

Construction workers understand that there are certain risks that come with their job. Without even considering the risks that are involved at the job site, the equipment many workers use comes with some fairly serious dangers. That’s why it may surprise some people that construction workers’ accidents come mainly from falls.

Most everyone in California that works construction has heard of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). These agencies have data suggesting that upwards of 35 percent of all deaths of construction workers are the result of falls. Another alarming statistic reveals that as many as two construction workers die every day in this country.

For this reason, OSHA, NIOSH and the Center for Construction Research and Training are revisiting their campaign aimed at preventing falls on construction sites. With more people being injured or dying from falls, these entities are hoping that employers will participate in the campaign by getting information out to their employees. It is the responsibility of every employer to provide their construction workers with safe equipment.

However, without the proper training, that may not matter. California employers need to make sure that every employee has been given safety instructions they can understand before being sent to a job site. Construction workers’ accidents can cause injuries ranging from minor to fatal and everything in between. Since a disproportionate amount are from falls, making sure that everyone knows how to use their safety equipment and understands the dangers of the job may go a long way toward reducing the number of accidents.

Source:, “OSHA, partners working to reduce falls in construction,” May 8, 2013