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March 2013 Archives

California workplace accidents: Man killed when trench collapses

A 50-year-old California man was killed and another man was injured in a job site accident when a dirt trench collapsed in Los Angeles County. Workplace accidents often result in serious injuries and even death. The injured man had been buried to his hips but was rescued from the trench after 90 minutes by firefighters trained to handle workplace accidents. He was then air lifted to the nearest hospital where he is believed to be in stable condition.

California workers recovering from severe injury on the job

Two workers were hospitalized after an explosion at a California business. Weeks after having suffered an injury on the job, the two employees of La Canada Sport Chalet were still recovering in hospitals. The Cal-OSHA and the Arson Explosive Detail of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department are conducting the investigation into the explosion.

California woman killed by lion; Workers' compensation case?

Fatal accidents suffered while working can leave surviving family members reeling from an unexpected loss. Even when a job has obvious danger associated with it, few expect that someone who leaves for work that morning may not be returning home safely that evening. In certain cases, surviving relatives may be able to file for workers' compensation survivor benefits to help cover some of the final costs associated with a loved one's death. One California worker recently suffered fatal injuries when a lion at the exotic animal park where she worked mauled her.

California worker dies after injury on the job; center cited

Some occupations in the state of California require that individuals work with dangerous pathogens. Last year, a worker at a San Francisco VA center died after being exposed to deadly bacteria. Details surrounding the man's death are unclear, but the man was reportedly working with Neisseria meningitides in an unsafe environment. Normally pathogens of this sort are contained in a biosafety cabinet, protecting employees who may have to handle it. The man's injury on the job, which ultimately led to his death, resulted in an OSHA inspection.

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