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California workers recovering from severe injury on the job

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2013 | Work Injuries

Two workers were hospitalized after an explosion at a California business. Weeks after having suffered an injury on the job, the two employees of La Canada Sport Chalet were still recovering in hospitals. The Cal-OSHA and the Arson Explosive Detail of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are conducting the investigation into the explosion.

The incident occurred when the two employees attempted to turn off a gas valve in a utility room near the pool of the business. Someone smelled gas and the employees, one of whom is the manager of the store, went to turn off the valve. Both victims were rushed to an area hospital after the accident.

One employee reportedly suffered severe burns over most of her body. She has been unable to talk or move her hands. Her family has not made any further comments on her condition or disclosed which hospital she was transferred to once she was able to be moved. The store manager suffered burns over approximately 61 percent of his body and is listed as being in stable condition.

The store manager’s wife has indicated that the company is doing everything it can for the pair. The company is organizing a blood drive and other fundraisers in an effort to support both employees. Suffering an injury on the job entitles an employee to certain benefits under the California workers’ compensation laws. Anyone that has been hurt on the job may benefit from being advised of their rights and what benefits they are entitled to as a result of an injury.

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