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November 2012 Archives

California workplace accidents: Plastics company site of fatality

California workplace accidents can often end in serious injury or death, but if safety issues exist prior to such an accident a company can face serious fines and penalties. Another accident has occurred at a plastics company. The worker involved was attempting to service a forklift when he was killed. Workplace accidents that involve a fatality can end with the family receiving workers' compensation benefits that could help them pay for last expenses associated with their loved one's death and help offset the effects of a major loss of income.

Another industrial accident at California plant

A California plant has experienced its second industrial accident in only three months. The events are eerily the same and involve workers who lost legs while working at the site. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is currently investigating this industrial accident and the other one that occurred in August.

Workplace injuries: California OSHA divulges cause of accident

In an Oct. 31 blog posting, a fatal California crane accident was covered ("Industrial accident kills California crane mechanic"). OSHA has released the identity of the 51-year-old man that died and they have also uncovered the reasons behind the accident. Workplace injuries like these can be difficult to prevent, but ensuring workers and the company adheres to required safety practices can greatly reduce them.

Man loses life in industrial accident at chicken plant

An industrial accident in California or elsewhere can result in serious injuries or even death to employees. Sometimes, accidents can occur suddenly and disastrously, with no prior warning. Such was the case in a recent industrial accident in another state.

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