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Another industrial accident at California plant

A California plant has experienced its second industrial accident in only three months. The events are eerily the same and involve workers who lost legs while working at the site. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is currently investigating this industrial accident and the other one that occurred in August.

Cal/OSHA has stated that two leg amputations occurring so quickly together are not common. The man involved in the accident was 40-years old. He and another employee were wrapping cable into coils when it snapped, striking both men. One man lost his leg and the other died after being struck in the head. The condition of the man who suffered the leg amputation is currently unknown.

In August, another worker lost his leg after being struck by a concrete pole.

Cal/OSHA expects both investigations to be completed by early next year. If the company is found to be at fault, they could face stiff financial penalties. There will also be a criminal investigation into the matter.

When a California worker is killed in an industrial accident, it can raise many questions for the family who has been left behind. Fortunately, workers’ compensation death benefits may be available to those families to assist them financially while they are in the process of grieving. Such compensation may help cover expenses associated with the death of a loved one and help with other financial issues that could occur with the loss of major income. The investigation is ongoing, and family members could soon have more answers about exactly what happened to their loved ones.

Source: San Bernardino County Sun, “Industrial accident at Fontana plant second in three months,” Melissa Pinion-Whitt, Nov. 13, 2012