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Workplace Injuries and Doctors Notes

Injuries are often videotaped, especially if you work in retail capacity such as a convenience store, department store, supermarket or big box store such as Home Depot or Costco. If you do get injured on the job, request in writing, a copy of videotape from that day. Do so immediately as often the videotape is erased or recorded over. In an unwitnessed work injury, the videotape may be the difference between acceptance and denial of your claim.

Ensure you are Represented in front of Medical Panels

If you are unrepresented and the defendant objects to the medical reporting of your doctor, retain an attorney immediately. You will be requested to obtain a panel of physicians. These panels are often loaded with defense biased doctors or 1-800 doctors who just travel throughout the state of California. If you go to the panel and you are unrepresented, you are bound by that opinion. Get an attorney and protect your rights.

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