Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

What marks the end of a workers’ compensation case?

The workers’ compensation process may seem like it lasts a long time. Getting all of your documentation submitted, dealing with insurers and moving through the process may seem like it will never end.

But eventually, your case will be complete. What marks the end? It occurs when you reach an agreement with the claims administrator on your benefits.

The end is near

You may still interact with the workers’ compensation system even once you have a resolution to your claim, but the agreement marks the formal end of the process. You have reached the final negotiation and can move forward with trying to heal and get back on the job. Do note that the agreement is final when a judge reviews it.


You may come to a settlement in many ways. You may decide you will get a certain amount of benefits and begin receiving payments. Another option is that you reach an agreement on a lump sum and get that final payment.

Your case may not settle. If this happens, you will continue through the process until you can reach a resolution. You may go before a judge who will make that final decision.

The workers’ compensation process may take a lot of work to reach a resolution. It often depends on your situation and what happened to cause your injury. Some situations may take longer than others. In the end, once you start receiving the payment you agreed upon, you have officially reached the end of the process of securing benefits.