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How to avoid workplace injuries in the food service industry

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Work Injuries

Slips and other injuries are common for workers in today’s food service industry. Slippery floors, repetitive tasks and carelessness can all cause injuries.

However, there are several things that employees can do to help themselves stay safe while they work in the food industry.

Keep floors clean

One way to minimize restaurant safety risks is to keep the floors clean. A set housekeeping schedule should include floor cleaning, and employees should clean up spills timely. For example, employees should immediately deal with water or ice buildup around fridges and freezers. Additionally, they should regularly use a degreaser on the floors to prevent dangerous buildup.

Change up tasks

Employees who repeat the same tasks for hours can experience muscle strains, so it is important that they take regular breaks to stretch their muscles before returning to physically demanding jobs. Ergonomic floormats and supportive shoes can also help reduce strains.

Cover up

Aside from falls and burns, workers in the food service industry are also at risk of burns. Therefore, they should wear clothing that covers their arms, splatter shields when appropriate and oven mitts when necessary. Additional tips to avoid burns include carrying hot foods in smaller batches and not carrying heavy, hot items for long distances.

By understanding some of the risks at work, employees can better protect themselves while at work. Otherwise, they could face painful injuries. However, if an individual does encounter an injury at work, they should document their losses. That ensures they receive the compensation necessary to cover their medical bills and time off. Then, they can focus on recovering before returning to work.