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What are common machine shop injuries?

In a machine shop, safety should be the top priority. There are many potential hazards that come with this line of work, and the consequences of an accident can be devastating. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that each year, about 18,000 injuries and 800 deaths occur when people work with machinery.

Here are some of the most common injuries that happen in machine shops.

Cumulative strain

Repetitive motions and activities can cause strain over time. A machine shop worker can wind up with occupational overuse syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, cumulative trauma disorder and other conditions. Wearing improper gloves, poor ergonomics, heavy lifting and stress are the main culprits. When employees do repetitive movements, they should take breaks between sessions.

Back injuries

Machine shops are among the most common settings where workers experience back injuries. The body undergoes significant stress while lifting heavy objects and moving large machines, both of which are common activities in a machine shop. Employers should train their workers about proper lifting techniques and use moving equipment when needed.

Hazardous chemical exposure

Manufacturing machinery can release dust, carbon monoxide, ozone and other hazardous materials into the air. Welding and grinding can also cause this problem. Staff should always wear protective gear (such as face masks and goggles) when they come in contact with these materials.

Machine shops are inherently dangerous workplaces that are prone to injuries. A thorough safety program can help reduce the risk of these hazards by implementing strict procedures. With the right protocol, workers can protect themselves and each other.