Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Common types of work injuries suffered by delivery drivers

Working as a delivery driver for a shipping company of any size comes with its own share of risks. You spend your days sharing the road with other drivers, any one of whom could exhibit negligent behavior, and exerting yourself to lift and carry packages of varying weights.

While delivery drivers do not have a set “workplace,” injuries they incur in the course of their job can still be eligible for California workers’ compensation. By understanding some of the most common types of injuries suffered by delivery drivers, you can take steps to protect yourself both before and after an incident.

Repetitive stress injuries

The seemingly mundane tasks that every driver performs when behind the wheel of a car can take their toll on delivery drivers who repeat the same motions all day every day. Controlling the steering wheel of a heavy commercial vehicle, turning your head and depressing the gas or brake pedal are all actions that can cause injuries when performed repetitively over a long period of time.

Heavy lifting injuries

Lifting heavy packages can lead to strains or tears even when you use proper lifting methods. Crush accidents can also occur when managing stacks of packages, and slip-and-fall incidents can be increasingly likely when carrying a large box obstructs your view.

Vehicle accident injuries

Perhaps the most potentially devasting types of injuries a delivery driver can incur are those resulting from high-speed vehicle accidents. Truck crash victims can experience whiplash, broken bones or even paralysis in extreme cases.

It is important to file a claim when you experience an injury of any severity during the course of performing your work duties. You might be eligible for compensation, even for injuries you might consider to be minor.