Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Does workers’ compensation cover rehabilitation?

man balancing with physiotherapist

After sustaining a severe injury at your workplace in California, you might wonder if you will ever recover enough to go back to your job. Following the doctor’s orders may give you a good shot at making a full recovery.

One way to improve the success of your recovery is to participate in rehabilitation. Your workers’ compensation benefits should include access to rehabilitative therapies.

Physical rehabilitation

Serious physical injuries will take time to heal from. While you focus on recovering, you might lose some of your agility. Physical rehabilitation can help you regain movement, strength and confidence. You can finetune skills that might have slacked while you spent time healing.

Rehab costs a lot of money. You might need ongoing treatments while you continue your recovery. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, within days of you submitting your claim, your employer needs to authorize appropriate medical treatment. You can inquire about the inclusion of rehabilitation at this time.

Vocational rehabilitation

If your injury created life-changing limitations or caused permanent disability, you might never be able to return to your former job. Vocational rehabilitation can provide critical support as you determine your next steps. You can receive help rebuilding your resume and identifying transferrable skills. You can also develop new skills that you may need to get another job.

Vocational rehabilitation can also point you in the direction of jobs that you have the qualifications for if you have the desire to rejoin the workforce. Your workers’ compensation benefits should aid in offsetting the costs of rehabilitation. Collaborate with your employer to understand your rights so you can take full advantage of what they offer you.