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Are delivery drivers vulnerable to rotator cuff injuries?

If you work as a delivery driver in the modern economy, you probably have an excellent career in front of you. After all, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. economy is likely to need roughly 12% more delivery drivers in the next 10 years alone. This figure represents considerably faster growth than many other jobs offer.

Sustaining a rotator cuff injury may end your career early. Unfortunately, though, delivery drivers are exceedingly vulnerable to rotator cuff injuries. To extend your career as long as possible, it is important both to know why these injuries happen and how to prevent them.

How do rotator cuff injuries happen?

You have two rotator cuffs, one in each of your shoulders. These groups of tendons, ligaments and muscles are essential for lifting your arms. Sadly, your rotator cuff injury may come either from an injury or repetitive strain. Simply loading and unloading packages may be sufficient to cause your rotator cuff to tear.

How can you prevent a rotator cuff injury?

As a delivery driver, you probably cannot stop making movements that put your rotator cuffs in danger. You can, however, take steps to decrease your chances of tearing your rotator cuffs. These include the following:

  • Stretching your shoulders before beginning your job duties
  • Strengthening your shoulders by doing targeted exercises
  • Avoiding cigarette smoking, which decreases the flow of blood to your rotator cuffs
  • Keeping good posture

Ultimately, even though a rotator cuff injury has the potential to derail your delivery driver career, you may be eligible for significant workers’ compensation benefits to help you obtain effective treatment.