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Are you safe on the construction site?

construction hard hats

As a construction worker, you work in one of the most hazardous careers. When your job site consists of dangerous materials and situations, you must remain vigilant to stay safe.

The construction industry posts some of the highest rates of work-related injuries across the board. Keeping yourself from becoming a statistic is challenging but possible. Learn some of the hazards present and how to avoid them.

Are you working up high?

The top cause of work-related accidents on a construction site is a fall. Even if your role does not require you to scale high scaffolding or perch atop rooftops, you likely have used a ladder at some point. Any fall from any height may prove detrimental. Bone fractures, muscle pulls and head trauma are some of the most frequent injuries that result from a fall.

Are you aware of your surroundings?

Construction sites play host to large numbers of people using various tools and machinery. It may cost you if you do not pay attention to those around you. Crush and stuck-between injuries occur when you become wedged by machinery or collapsing trenches. Depending on the object’s weight crushing you, it may leave you with long-lasting bone and nerve damage. Live wires and electric tools are also sources of unintentional electrocution injuries.

Are coworkers trained on machinery?

There is a high level of trust in coworkers around construction zones. With heavy machinery operators especially, you want to know that they have the training required to keep themselves and others safe behind the wheel. However, this is not always the case. When a machine operator lacks the training, you may get struck by the vehicle or even the debris it removes.

The top actions you can do to stay safe at work are to exercise caution and remain attentive to your surroundings.

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