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What are repetitive strain injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Work Injuries

As a worker, you risk the potential of injury on the job. Some jobs pose a greater threat than others. However, almost every job comes along with the inherent risk of repetitive strain injuries.

What are these injuries? How do they impact you? Can they prevent you from working? And what can you do to reduce your risk of such injury?

Repeated actions at work

Healthline examines repetitive strain injuries. These injuries – also known as RSIs – affect any worker who does repetitive motions while on the job. For example, a cashier at a store will likely scan items many times in a day. A car mechanic will often fix the same problems using the same tools. A receptionist will use the computer and phone throughout the day. All of these jobs involve repeated actions.

The damage these actions cause

Unfortunately, these actions can lead to health issues. This is especially true of joints, including your wrist and elbows, which often suffer the worst damage. These areas may swell, resulting in pinched nerves. The muscle also swells, and you can permanently damage it if you are not careful.

Intensity varies depending on the person and the injury itself. Unfortunately, some RSIs are severe enough that it prevents you from working. But the only way to heal from an RSI is by resting according to doctor’s instructions. Many people cannot afford to take that much time off of work, though. It leads to a loop in which the injury continues to worsen. Eventually, it may get to a point where nothing but surgery can help. This is why it is important to take signs seriously as soon as you see them.