Here To Help You Recover After A Work Accident

Dangers of unsafe equipment at work

Most Californians do not expect to suffer serious injuries while they are at work. Unfortunately, however, many workers are injured at work every year in the state. Some of the problems that lead to workplace injury accidents are caused by tools and equipment that are defective or in a state of disrepair. Workers should take several steps to alert their employers when tools and equipment are in unsafe conditions.

Steps to take when workplace equipment is unsafe

Workers have a right to work in reasonably safe and hazard-free conditions. If they are working with or around equipment that is unsafe, they should take immediate steps to alert their employers. Even if the broken equipment does not present a dangerous condition for the workers, they should still report it to their employers. Non-functioning equipment can make it more difficult for people to perform their jobs.

If unsafe or broken equipment does create a workplace hazard, the workers should immediately report it to their supervisors. If the supervisors do not do anything to correct the problem, they should move up the chain at their jobs to report it to their supervisors’ bosses. If the employer still fails to react, the workers should file a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They should also encourage their co-workers to report the problems that they see.

Unsafe and broken equipment can create dangerous conditions at work. People who are injured at work because of unrepaired equipment may want to talk to experienced workers’ comp lawyers. The attorneys might help their clients to gather the evidence that they need to support their claims for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers who are injured at work are entitled to receive benefits to pay for their medical expenses and related costs. If they are temporarily or permanently disabled because of their accidents, they may also be entitled to receive disability benefits.