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Workplace safety rules to abide by

Ideally, your employer will make workplace safety a top priority. However, it is also important that you take an active role in minimizing the likelihood of a workplace accident taking place. Take a look at some steps that you and other employees in California can take to stay safe while on the job.

Make sure to take regular breaks

Tired workers are more likely to make mistakes that could result in serious injuries. Ideally, you will perform your most physically demanding tasks at the beginning of a shift when you are most energetic and alert. It is important to note that your employer could be in violation of OSHA rules by not allowing you to rest periodically.

Always wear personal protective equipment

You should be given access to personal protective equipment such as goggles, earplugs or a full chemical suit. It is important to ensure that you are wearing these and other protective items properly.

Pay attention during employee training sessions

Ideally, you will be taught how to lift heavy objects properly and how to use machines safely. It is also a good idea to remain alert when your manager talks about the company’s emergency plan and how to execute it. Finally, be sure to report any hazards that you encounter while performing a task.

If you are injured while at work, it may be possible to receive workers’ comp benefits. These benefits are usually available even if you did something to contribute to your injuries. An attorney may be able to help you file a benefit claim or help you learn more about the types of compensation that you may be entitled to. Generally, you are eligible to receive compensation for medical bills and lost wages related to your workplace injuries.