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Returning to work after an injury

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | Work Injuries

Residents of San Diego and other areas of California may want to learn about returning to work after an injury that involved a worker’s compensation claim. A decision made by several people will determine whether the worker is ready to return to a job, possibly with a different type of work.

According to the State of California Department of Industrial Relations, the three or four people who will decide if a person is ready to go back to work include the primary treating doctor, the claims administrator, the employer or supervisor and an attorney if one has been consulted.

Throughout the process, it is hoped that the worker will be in touch with these people, talking to them about the work that was done before the injury and the work that the person might do at present. Employers should make known the type of work that could be provided on return to the job. Incentives help an employer get the person back to work as soon as possible when they are ready.

As far as rights to benefits, if there is a disagreement with the treating physicians report, the claims administrator or the worker may have to seek the evaluation by a qualified medical examiner, or QME. The QME is a trained physician who is educated in the worker’s compensation evaluation process. If an injured employee works with an attorney, the claims administrator and attorney might agree on a doctor to resolve a medical dispute.

Workplace injuries can be severe and require a period of rest for healing. Knowing about the benefits and process of worker’s compensation might be made easier with an attorney versed in injuries in the workplace. A knowledgeable attorney may answer any questions about how a claim is approved and handled.