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October 2018 Archives

Workplace injuries: Cumulative PTSD common for police officers

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition that most people associate with soldiers. However, it is one of the most common workplace injuries suffered by police officers nationwide, including in San Diego. While PTSD in soldiers typically follows one brief traumatic event, police officers experience stress every day, taking a heavy toll on them and their loved ones. Their conditions manifest gradually, and it is known as cumulative PTSD.

Musculoskeletal workplace injuries prevalent in construction

Millions of construction workers nationwide, including in San Diego, put their health and safety on the line every day. Their jobs are physically demanding, and the high number of workplace injuries suffered in this industry each year is not surprising. Safety authorities report that the most common injuries that cause construction workers to miss workdays are musculoskeletal disorders that result from material handling and repetitive motions.

Are you qualified to operate that forklift?

Forklifts have become an essential piece of equipment wherever movement of materials takes place in California. So whether you are a forklift operator on a construction site or in any of the many warehouses or fulfillment and distribution centers in and around San Diego, you will face the common hazards that these machines pose. Not all employers give forklift safety the necessary attention.

Disability benefits available for workers affected by asbestos

Workers in the San Diego construction injury face an endless list of hazards. Sometimes hidden dangers exist that could cause occupational injuries or illnesses with long-term or even debilitating consequences. Fortunately, the state-regulated workers' compensation system provides disability benefits if the injuries were work-related.

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