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September 2017 Archives

Does your company have a plan for a catastrophic accident?

Remember fire drills in school? They were exciting at first. When the alarm sounded, everyone hustled from the building with stern-faced teachers warning of the importance of single-file lines and closed lips. By the time you got to high school, however, it was hard to take such drills seriously. You and your friends may have strolled down the evacuation route, chatting about your plans for the weekend and happy to be missing chemistry.

Workplace injuries at California Goodwill locations

Safety protocols are an essential part of an effective business. When dealing with employee safety, a business is responsible for providing and enforcing proper safety training. Without such practices, employees are vulnerable to workplace injuries. A chain of Goodwill stores in California is facing accusations of failing to provide a safe environment to its employees. 

California auto maker accused of employee rights violations

Workers have long fought for fair conditions in the workplace. Unions were created in order to use the power of numbers to advocate for better working conditions. Labor unions have successfully increased worker wages and safety in the past. A new California auto maker has recently been accused of employee rights violations because of alleged union-busting tactics. 

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