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June 2017 Archives

Disability benefits are earned benefits

The idea of Social Security is to provide a safety net to the elderly, the disabled and families who have lost the primary breadwinner. The benefits are in place to provide a safety net for vulnerable people across the country who need it most. A recent article talking about the disability insurance portion of Social Security Disability Insurance shares information that many people in California may find interesting. 

Warnings about workplace injuries at California store ignored

An employee has a right to safety as well as a responsibility to report dangerous conditions on the job. Improper training, ignorance of safety protocols and poorly maintained equipment can lead to injury or even death for workers. When an attentive employee reports such violations to leadership, the expectation is that the dangerous situations will be rectified. In California, one man was recently killed and another man fired as a result of safety issues at a popular retail donation store. 

What happens if a claim for workplace injuries is denied?

After being hurt on the job, many California employees file claims to have their medical and other costs paid for -- just as they were told to do. They begin to receive medical treatment and take time off work to recover only to find out that their claims for workplace injuries were denied. Panic sets in since medical care is expensive, and they wonder about running out of sick time. Fortunately, there is an appeals process for denied claims.

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