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Man suffers fatal workplace injuries in recent accident

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | Work Injuries

Accidents often occur in work environments. When they do, the workplace injuries suffered can have serious — if not fatal — consequences for the victims. This was the case in a recent accident at a lumber yard in northern California.

In the San Francisco area, a 59-year-old male was operating a forklift at Goodview Lumber when it fell and landed on top of him. This happened while he was driving the lift up one of three ramps with a full pallet of materials. Somehow, during this process, the forklift went off the ramp and fell. The weight of the machine is said to have crushed the victim.

Authorities were called shortly after the incident occurred — around 1:54 p.m. Other employees did try to rescue the man, but unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in their efforts. When rescue teams arrived on the scene, the victim had already succumbed to his injuries.

When workplace injuries result in fatalities, the surviving family members of the victims will likely be left struggling in various ways. Not only will there be emotional challenges from losing a loved one, but there are likely to be significant financial difficulties as well. When one dies while on the job, surviving family members — whether in California or elsewhere — may be entitled to collect workers’ comp death benefits which can help them cover many of the economic losses they have suffered as a result. Unfortunately, receiving the maximum benefit is not always easy. Those who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents may seek assistance from experienced workers’ compensation attorneys in order to fight for full and fair coverage.

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